Haven is the primary Dwarven settlement in Emerald. Nestled below the Blinding Mountains, Haven boasts over 3 major Dwarven strongholds, alongside numerous subterranean and partially subterranean villages and hamlets. It has friendly relations with its southern and western neighbors, the Humans of the Eastern Kingdoms and the Halflings of Harvest, and tense, but stable, relations with the Goliath tribes of the northern Desolation..

Haven is ruled by a single monarch, the Mithril King, with the title of Mithril King passing on in a hereditary fashion. Each of the three major holds is also ruled by a Gold Lord, and each village a Silver Baron… This focus on titles containing rare minerals is prevalent in Dwarven politics, with many Dwarven families attempting to incorporate these precious metals into their family names, as well. All titles are passed on through families, so political marriages and the tense environment brought on by having a few powerful families vying for power are a mainstay in Dwarven politics. Wealthy families may even find themselves at a disadvantage to poor families with established family names or titles, and oftentimes business, politics, and family life are indistinguishable from one another.

Dwarven culture, likewise, focuses on displaying both the wealth your family has acquired and the power and esteem of your familiy’s name. Once, long ago, a warrior culture existed among many Dwarves, but as Dwarven surface settlements slowly gave up land to encroaching Giants on the surface, the need to protect the well-designed, heavily fortified Dwarven cities waned. Now, only the destitute, nameless, and criminals fight to defend the few remaining chokepoints from Drow, Giants, and other hateful beings. Smithing, however, remains a well-respected art, and artisans of all sorts find Dwarven cities all too ready to accept them (and a cut of their profits) with open arms.

The Dwarves of Haven, as a whole, are a xenophobic people, with many refusing to ever step out onto the surface world or learn the Common tongue. Instead, a small caste of merchant are paid well to set up deals with Harvest and the Eastern Kingdoms to ship Dwarven goods. Likewise, a group of wealthy have created a small “Foreign Legion” officially meant to aid allied countries and spread the faith of Torag, but secretly funded as a means to show off Dwarven armor, weapons, and other goods.

Dwarven religion is very ritualistic, but often seen as tame compared to most other faiths. The Dwarves of Haven have many gods, but Torag is the one most known to outsiders, due to the Foreign Legion. Abadar, Shelyn, and Nethys are also widely worshipped.

Haven is also home to a population of worker constructs known as Warforged, who have existed as menial laborers for all of history. These Warforged not only protect the most dangerous edges of Haven, but they also function as near tireless miners, fueling the Dwarven craftsmen back in cities. This automated workforce has kept the Dwarves of Haven relevant on the global stage, despite their xenophobia and relatively small numbers.

The events of the last 50 years have done much to change the lives of the Haven Dwarves. The tunnel connecting Haven and Hafen was completed, leading to a golden age of lucrative, but dangerous trade under the ocean to Jade. The Hafen Dwarves have also begun to mingle with the Haven Dwarves, which has caused quite an uproar in Haven politics and culture. Some Tieflings have also begun to settle the land above Haven, leading to outrage among the elite, but little action, due to the greatly atrophied army. Relations with the Harvest and the Eastern Kingdoms have also waned, due to the discovery of new trade routes in Jade, increasing Dwarven xenophobia and isolationism. Above all, the growing clashes between Haven Warforged and Hafen Shardminds have reduced the flow of resources to both Dwarven countries, leading to mercenaries from both continetns being hired to take out rebels.


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