Boa Campaign Setting

The Boa campaign setting is a campaign setting for fantasy roleplaying games, using races drawn from Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and some fan creations.

The setting focuses on the world of Boa, a land infused with primal magic, blessed with a rain of magical stars, and cursed by the thinning of its barriers with other realms of reality. In Boa, heroes will often be faced with encroaching planar threats, awakening primal guardians, and the worldly politics that emerge as each race, nation, and faction deals with these developments in different ways.

A game set in the Boa setting is about keeping the world and its people from falling apart, or speeding the process along. Law and Chaos are sometimes the focus of conflicts, rather than good and evil, and very few denizens of the world are completely unsympathetic. Morality and politics are complex, but the world can’t afford to wait for differing philosophy to converge; it needs heroes now!